Men’s Suit Jacket Linings
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Introduction To The Suit Jacket Lining

We men look great in suits. There is something about a fitted suit that brings out the best in a man: confidence, debonaire, and class.

A well-tailored suit will bring instant attention.

The color and weight of the fabric, the cut, the buttons, the lapels, and the pockets receive countless gazes.

They are the first and generally only parts of the suit to be seen.

Yet, there is another part to the man’s suit jacket which does not receive as much attention: the interior jacket lining. The lining is an important part to the jacket — structurally and fashionably. Both issues will be discussed below.


What Is The Purpose Of The Suit Jacket Lining

The lining in your suit jacket adds structure and weight to your suit. A fully lined suit jacket is heavier, warmer and has a thicker look to it. As a result, the suit jacket lays nicely over the contours of the body.

As opposed to half lined or unlined suit jackets, a lined jacket will not crinkle or catch on your dress shirt as easy.

The extra fabric (the lining) is another layer between the outside shell on your body. Lined suit jackets are ideal for cool climates because the lining will help keep body heat closer to the skin.


What is the lining made from?

What is the lining of the suit jacket made of? There are two general groups: natural and synthetic. The former comprises mostly of silk and is often found at high-end bespoke companies. The latter is what is commonly found in suits. Possible synthetic materials include: bemberg silk, rayon, polyester, and acetate.

Each material has its certain desirable qualities and also some cons. For example, silk linings are perhaps the most comfortable to wear, but also more expensive than synthetic linings. Bemberg silk is a high-quality synthetic material that is less costly than natural silk, but more expensive than other synthetics. Acetate is a crisp fabric, but lacks durability. Rayon lasts longer than acetate, but not as long as polyester.

Linings made from polyester last long, but do not breathe well. Every material has its own advantage; usually off-the-rack suit makers will use lower-end synthetic materials because it costs less for them. With bespoke services, you are in control and have the ability to request synthetic linings or luxurious silks: the choice is yours.


Personalizing your suit jacket by selecting your favorite lining color

Off-the-rack suits already have the linings sewn in. Whatever suit you buy, the lining inside the suit jacket is what comes with.

There is little room for personalization. You could go to the big-box store and eye up a nice suit exterior, but only then to be disappointed with the manufacturer’s poor choice of interior lining.

If you are in the market for a men’s suit, then you should greatly consider investing in custom tailoring. There are many bespoke services that can work with men and their budgets. Having your suit custom built is a great way of not only looking sharper, but also having the freedom to choose from a myriad of linings.

More often than not, people will not see the interior of you suit jacket, but for those wanting to make their suit truly unique, choosing a lining is just as important as selecting the exterior fabric. The safest option is to match the lining to the exterior fabric. Why?

Your suit will be more versatile if the lining matches the outside. Wearing a black suit with a bright red lining, a gray dress shirt and purple tie will not look too great. The red interior would be too distracting from everything else.

Should you want to make your suit bold, then select colors that grab attention. A dark gray suit with a purple lining is classy. Light gray with blue is perfect for late spring.

A navy blue suit with a red lining is powerful. Whatever color lining you choose, you can count on having a unique suit.

How to inspect the quality of a suit jacket lining

Before you purchase a suit from the store, inspect the interior the jacket to make sure that the quality is just as high as the exterior. What should you look for?

1) Check if the lining lays flat. If the lining was hurriedly stitched, then there is a good chance that the suit jacket lining has bulges due to a poor job of laying out the fabric.

2) Inspect the stitches. Make sure the lining is completely sewn.

3) Make sure the lining moves with the jacket and your body. Sometimes you will be surprised that the lining gets snagged on your body and will move less than the shell.

While no one can really see this happening, you will feel it and a snagged lining is not very comfortable.

4) Check for tears or holes. A slight tear caused by keys in the pocket or carelessness will jeopardize the integrity of the suit jacket lining.

Once the lining is torn, it is only a matter of time before it falls apart (potentially costing you a suit jacket or a trip to the tailor for a replacement lining which, with labor, could cost $200+).

Closing thoughts on the men’s suit jacket lining

The lining of your suit jacket is a vital piece of fabric. A fully lined suit jacket has weight and firmness which half lined or unlined jackets lack. A fully lined jacket looks great on any man. While many people may not see the lining of your suit jacket, having the color or pattern of your choice is a fun and unique way of making the suit stand out.

While many people may not see the lining of your suit jacket, having the color or pattern of your choice is a fun and unique way of making the suit stand out.

Next time you are shopping for a suit, greatly considers being in total control of every detail by having your suit measured and made to your body. Your bespoke suit will truly be yours both outside and inside.


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