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We wear wool for many reasons, but the foremost is breathability. Wool is light and airy, unlike polyester or polyester blends, which make you sweat and itch. But the wool outer shell is only one component of your suit, and if you want to ensure that you are buying quality, you have to pay attention to several factors.

The lining of your suit, for example, is key. If a polyester lining is used inside your jacket, having a breathable wool exterior becomes pointless. Polyester does not allow moisture to escape and evaporate, turning your suit into a sauna. Regardless of how nice or high grade the fabric is, with a polyester lining, you will not benefit from wool's amazing qualities. Wearing a polyester lining, is like wearing a plastic bag under your jacket or pants, and since lining is what is in contact with most of your body, if the material used is not breathable your temperature will quickly rise.

The best option for lining is a material called cupro. Bemberg, a high-quality brand of cupro produced in Japan, is breathable, light, durable, and with a silky touch that looks and feels great. Bemberg is made from cotton, but the makeup of the fibre is changed to give it its unique properties. The advantage of being a natural fibre is that it wicks sweat and humidity away from the body. Bemberg is also anti-static and anti-cling for a more comfortable wear. In addition to its wonderful breathability, Bemberg cupro is also good for the environment, being a biodegradable fabric produced using a renewable resource.


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